ur goal from the very beginning at Organic Sleepworks was to create a bed without any metal used as structural support. Since metal coil springs are unnecessary and less than ideal for use in a mattress, we believed that the same was true for the base. Therefore, when you purchase an Organic Sleepworks bed, you don’t receive a “box spring” with your mattress—instead you receive a “slatbase.”

Our slat suspension system is composed of a solid wood frame—no pressed wood or particle board—and the slats themselves are 100% beechwood attached to the frame with rubber connectors which allow for flexion and rotation.

There is no electromagnetic or negative energetic interference field with wood slats. In Chinese Medicine as well as Ayurvedic Medicine, the very idea of sleeping on a surface with any metal undernealth your body is unthinkable. When you spend as much time as you do lying down to sleep, rest and regenerate and since our bodies are very bio-electric, metal is simply not the ideal material to use in a mattress or base to lay on.

The slats also function as a dynamic interface with the mattress by flexing and rotating from the compression of the mattress above. Since the mattress moulds and conforms to the contour of your body, in the same way, the slatbase conforms to the contour of the mattress thereby functioning as a single unit.