he fabric cover that we chose to use was decided upon only after a great deal of careful consideration. Although cotton is extremely hypoallergenic, it tends to absorb a lot of moisture from our bodies as we sleep. We lose about 1-2 ounces of fluid each night. We have therefore chosen to include a layer of wool under the all organic cotton in order to whisk away the moisture and provide a cooler sleeping surface. For those individuals who are vegan and are philosophically against the use of any animal materials, the cover may be ordered without wool.

Another aspect of cotton that few people are aware of is that even organically grown cotton contains 10-12 naturally occurring mold spores. For most people, this would never be a problem but for the hypersensitive individual with allergies, asthma, multiple chemical sensitivity or environmental illness, this can be the difference between the ability to tolerate the bed and sleep well or not. Because of these issues, we only use organic “superwashed” cotton. “Superwashing” is a German process by which the cotton is superwashed with a safe, non-toxic solution of hydrogen peroxide prior to being woven, eliminating all of the mold spores that could cause any intolerance or allergic reaction.

We also chose to allow the top of the mattress cover to be removed in order to shake off any dust or skin cells that can attract dustmites. This also gives you the ability to inspect and test the inside of your mattress at anytime.