• Individual support and comfort in any sleeping position
  • Optimal body conformity and spinal alignment
  • Hygienic and dry sleeping climate through excellent ventilation
  • Certified purity—Öko-Tex certifies that all materials conform
    to the strictest European standard for harmful substances
    and chemicals in mattresses
  • Anti-allergenic properties—inherently anti-bacterial
    and mold-free, ideal for allergy/asthma individuals
  • Long lasting resilience and exceptionally durable
  • Quiet sleep with far less motion allowing movement
    without disturbing your spouse
  • Even cushioning with no sagging or depressions
atural latex foam comes from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) originated in Brazil and now grown mainly in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Guatemala so it’s the most natural foam in the world. It happens to be significantly more expensive than synthetic foam which is why large mattress manufacturers use synthetic foam instead of natural latex, but as you’ll see—it makes all the difference in the world.

Some so-called natural mattress companies claim that their latex foam is all natural but to let you in on an insider secret—most of them are not. Usually these other companies are using a blend of synthetic foam mixed with poorly-made latex. The structure of these fibers will break down. Ours by contrast is 100% natural rubber latex—the purest natural foam in the world.

Our 100% natural All-Latex mattress requires no innersprings or micro-coils—it’s simply eight inches of pure latex foam. Natural latex foam that’s 100% pure is the most non-toxic, hypo-allergenic sleeping surface in the world due to its antimicrobial properties and ventilating cellular structure. Some believe that a latex mattress may be problematic if you are allergic to latex gloves. Obviously, we don’t come into direct contact with the latex foam in our mattress like we would by wearing latex gloves, therefore those who have allergy or sensitivity to latex gloves will not react allergically to the Organic Sleepworks mattress.