ur philosophy is that we refuse to compromise and neither should you. Now you can be health conscious even when you're unconscious! Our team researches products worldwide and chooses components based on functionality—not cost. If a product doesn’t meet our strict standards, we don’t buy it. As a result, we only purchase materials from European manufacturers where performance and certified purity are more important than profits.

We believe this is the only way to provide you with a consistently superior product.

The most important criteria we consider is safety. Every component must be non-toxic and biocompatible to you the consumer, fulfilling the “safety requirement.” Our second most important criteria is effectiveness. Does every component also function synergistically to provide an effective sleep system.

The most important characteristic of a great mattress is compressibility. Is the mattress capable of compressing and thereby conforming to the contour and shape of your body?

ur experience is that most mattresses cannot and do not compress and conform to your body shape. Instead of your bed adapting to your body, your body’s structural shape must somehow adapt to your mattress. Whether you sleep on your back or your side, your shoulders and hips create more downward pressure into the mattress.

Typical American-made mattresses resist instead of compress at these pressure points—they push up when they should be allowing your shoulders and hips to sink in. Sometimes they just sag all over, not providing the right support anywhere.

This lack of compressibility combined with saggy- ness will put the body into mal-adaptive positions
leading to musculoskeletal stress vastly undermining the benefits of sound sleep. In other words, you’ll wake up most mornings on the wrong side of the bed.